Sigh…Yes, I know

I know I said I wasn’t posting to this one anymore, but just in case someone gets confused and checks here for BusterFest info:

We’ve reserved the Rec Center at the park, so BusterFest is October 8 — rain or shine!

i.e., if the weather sucks, we’ll move the party, the people, and all 17 pups inside

i.e., there is no rain date

i.e., forget I ever mentioned a rain date

i.e., because there is no rain date

i.e., BusterFest is October 8, rain or shine. Wind or shine. Hail or shine. Snow or shine. Tornado or shine. Sleet or shine. Earthquake or shine. Cyclone or shine. Wintery mix or…well, you get the idea.

invitation without pii.PNG